Our family chose the Millburn co-op because of the emphasis on social and emotional development. The teachers truly love each student and care deeply about teaching them how to be a good person who can express themselves in positive, healthy ways.
— Trish
Millburn co-op is one of the most special preschools in this area. The play-based, outdoor education, multi-aged classroom not only helps your children learn and thrive, it teaches them skills—-like independence and problem-solving—that they will use throughout their lives. I am so grateful my daughters get to go to this school and have Adrienne as a teacher!
— Amber
At the Co-op, children matter. Their opinions count, they lead their learning. They learn as far as their mind can take them, and that has no bounds. They learn by exploring and experiencing. And they experience more than pretend play, more than writing their names and words, more than dressing themselves, more than building structures; they learn to be a member of a community and that they and what they do matters.
At the Co-op, parents matter too. The likeminded group shares in responsibilities to make their childrens’ childhoods as memorable and as foundational as possible.
— Stacey
Having had both of my children attend Millburn Co-op has been a great gift to them, and to our family. Not only has it given our children a blissful window of childhood to explore, grow and learn in a joyful and organic way - it has also made us better parents. My husband and I never expected that we would learn and gain such fundamental and simply inspiring parenting skills. These skills changed the way we communicate with our children and approach them as individuals. The amazing teachers at the Co-op empowered our children to face the world as confident and creative humans with a unique point of view. We feel lucky to have found such a special place.
— Jessica C.
The Co-op is such a special community for our children to be a part of. Each day they are welcomed into a warm and vibrant space that allows them to explore the wonders of the world as the inquisitive and awesome little people they are. As their parents, we are given the opportunity to see the joy they experience first hand when we share the classroom with them as the co-op parent. The Millburn Co-op is truly a gift to all of us.
— Jessica
We are so happy to have found this precious school. We were new to the area and visited several schools. When we came across the Millburn Co-op we knew it was the right one for our daughter. She loves it and is excited to go each morning. It’s a special little school with loving teachers and wonderful families.
— Ana