Hello - The children start their day by greeting each other and working cooperatively on the daily provocations set up by the teachers.

Meeting - Our circle time includes singing, group discussion, an opportunity to share with the group and serendipity! 

Outside Play - We go out everyday, dressed appropriately, to explore all the park has to offer in rain, snow and sunshine. 

Snack -  Wholesome fresh fruits, vegetables and assorted crackers are supplied by the school with consideration for any allergies and served by the co-op kid.  This is a wonderful time for learning to pour your own water, pass snack bins, ask for more and negotiate where to sit.

Storytime - The children are exposed to classics and new favorites and encouraged to participate in discussion and life lessons infered from the text.

Inside Play - A full hour of free play including blocks, puzzles, manipulatives, art, painting, imaginary play, cooperative games, sensory table, easel and other activities related to the curriculum.

Clean Up - All students clean up cooperatively before dressing themselves to go home.  Students help their friends put on shoes, hats, mittens, zip coats and collect all their belongings.

Goodbye - We sing our special Co-op song on the outside benches and dismiss each child to their parent or caregiver.