My daughter had the opportunity to learn at her own pace in a comfortable environment where her ideas were respected. She went on to enter 1st grade with the social confidence and academic skills that she needed to succeed.
— Trish

The Millburn Cooperative Nursery School has been serving families from the area for over 40 years. We are excited to enhance our preschool program by adding a bridge program for five year olds.  

THE Curriculum

The curriculum of Kinderenrichment includes reading, writing, literature, math, science, social studies, art, drama, music and physical activity. 

Social studies and science themes such as life cycles in the natural world (ie. Plants, insects, animals, water) engage children’s curiosity and create meaningful opportunities to read, write, count, measure, draw, paint, sing, experiment and solve problems.  Instilling a love of the environment and all living things is also integral to our curriculum. 

Our students approach new academic concepts in a variety of playful ways. Math, for instance, is taught experientially through interaction with every day objects, as well as specially designed manipulatives (ie. Unit Blocks, Pattern Blocks, Unifix Cubes, Geoboards, etc…) Math concepts are illustrated in books we read, art projects, songs we sing, games we play and stories we make up. 

There are so many ways to make learning interactive, hands on, fun and interesting!

By the conclusion of our year long program, parents with the help of the teachers, have the option to decide whether their child will be best served by entering Kindergarten or 1st grade.

Read more about why a play based curriculum is best for children here . . .


Children are five by January 1st of the year of entry.  Our program is a 5s bridge program for children that miss the cutoff or just need one more year in a smaller, more supportive learning environment before entering school. Upon completion of the year, parents have the option of choosing either another year of Kindergarten or 1st Grade, whichever is right for their child.

Children are invited into a learning environment where their social, intellectual, physical and emotional needs are considered to be an important part of their academic education. Children are encouraged to explore and learn from mistakes without a loss of self-esteem and are guided to gain the social and emotional skills necessary to become and active part of the class. As students get to know each other, a feeling of belonging evolves. We believe that a sense of community and belonging is an important key to academic success.

Normal developmental struggles such as separation, socialization, and frustration are part of the program and are dealt with in a positive manner. Children learn to speak to their classmates and resolve conflict with the support of their teachers.


Our fully accredited teachers stimulate learning by inspiring a child's spontaneous curiosity. Our teachers are readily available to the entire family, offering support and information through informal telephone contact, email, home visits, conferences and written evaluations. At regular parents’ meetings, the teachers report class activities and lead discussions on pertinent topics.


Outside play is an important part of our curriculum.  We are lucky to have a designated play space where we can explore the changing seasons.  Dressed appropriately, we play outside every day, in rain, snow and sun. The children use the outdoor equipment, search for nature and go on walks throughout the community to further their learning.